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At Indus, with over four decades of dedicated expertise in precision machining for the semiconductor industry, we stand as a trusted supplier of sputtering target machining and backing plates for numerous OEMs. Our extensive experience extends to machining a diverse range of customer-supplied sputtering target materials, including challenging powder-pressed targets. As part of our commitment to quality, we offer specialized services for backing plate and target preparation for diffusion bonding, which includes meticulous 100% in-process inspection of dimensions and surface roughness.

Understanding the critical nature of preventing contamination when working with powder-pressed materials, we take exceptional precautions. Our equipment undergoes thorough cleaning before handling your specialty materials, and our team wears gloves throughout the production process. To ensure adherence to specifications, we utilize calibrated ovens for baking targets at precise temperatures and times. Maintaining rigorous lot number and serial identification protocols throughout the machining processes, we guarantee compliance with all traceability requirements.

Moreover, we go beyond machining by actively assisting customers in testing material machinability, providing valuable feedback to fine-tune process parameters. Choose Indus for a seamless blend of experience, precision, and unwavering dedication to the highest industry standards in semiconductor machining.

What We Offer


Commonly Machined Sputtering Target Materials

  • Aluminum – Pure (Al)

  • Chromium (Cr)

  • Carbon (C)

  • Cobalt (Co)

  • Copper - Pure (Cu)

  • Germanium (Ge)

  • Gold (Au)

  • Hafnium (Hf)

  • Molybdenum (Mo)           

  • Nickel (Ni)

  • Niobium (Nb)

  • Platinum (Pt)

  • Ruthenium (Ru)

  • Silicon (Si)

  • Silicon Chrome Alloys Powder Pressed

  • Silver (Ag)

  • Tantalum (Ta)

  • Titanium (Ti)

  • Tungsten (W)

  • W/Ti 5%

  • W/Ti 10%

  • W/Ti 15 %

  • Vanadium (V)

  • Yttrium (Y)

  • Misc other alloys and ceramics


Backing Plate Configurations

  • Round

  • Oval

  • Planar

  • 200mm

  • 300mm

  • Mu Sets

  • Conicals

  • Starter Source

  • Cylindrical (Rotary)


Backing PlateMaterials

  • Aluminum

  • Brass

  • C101

  • C102

  • C110

  • C18000

  • C18150

  • C18200

  • Stainless Steel

  • Titanium

  • Misc Monoblock Targets

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