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Our precision waterjets are capable of cutting a variety of materials up to 60" wide x 120" long with taper control to be able to hold tight tolerances on large parts.

The CNC milling machine cutting the mold part in roughing  process with the lighting ship.


Our CNC machining centers with 4 and 5 axis capabilities are capable of producing complicated parts while holding very tight tolerances. Our largest mill has a capacity of 122"(x) x 70"(y) x 32"(z).

CNC Lathe machine


Our manual lathes vary in size, with the largest having a max swing of 25" and a max working length of 120". Our largest CNC lathe capacity is 25" x 48". Our live-tool lathes can reduce cycle times.

surface grinder


We have surface grinders up to 24"x60" as well as rotary grinding up to 42" diameter to hold tolerances of +/- .0001".

Measuring automotive part on the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)


We are able to fully program parts from CAD with index-able A and B axes. Our largest CMM has travels of 47"x78"x40".

man using CAD software


We can program parts from your solid models and utilize high speed machining techniques to reduce cycle times.

CNC press brake bending apart


With our 10 ft press 7-axis Amada CNC press brake, we can handle your complex bending jobs. We can insert PEM fasteners into your parts to provide you with a completed product.

silk screening

Painting & Silk-Screening

We can paint and silkscreen per Mil-specs. Post paint thickness and gloss verification is done to ensure that parts meet all requirements. Screens are produced in-house to reduce our turnaround time.



We are able to TIG, MIG, and stick weld your parts to spec with our certified welders and equipment.

engineering drawings


Our engineering team can help you design and develop your products from the ground up or help streamline an existing process. We use the latest 3D modeling and CAM softwares.

finishing parts


The final finishing and packaging steps for your components are often the most important, but usually the most overlooked. We are able to grit-blast, glass-bead, and polish your finished products.

CNC Turning machine parts anodized in various colors


Heat Treating, Anodizing, Brazing, STI insertion, assembly, etc. We can help you with any additional process steps that are needed for your machined components.

300mm sputtering backing plate


We are a qualified supplier with over 50 years of experience in machining for the semiconductor industry.

military uniform showing American flag

Aerospace & Defense

We are proud to be a trusted partner to defense contractors, providing critical components and services.

CMM checking a part


We provide high-quality, precision products that meet or exceed industry standards.  

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